Ancient stories muffled silence of strict and imposing mountains.

10 km from Riva del Garda, on a road that goes through olive groves, vines and oleanders, typical Mediterranean plants, we find the Valley of Tenno; flora, which benefits from the mild climate of Lake Garda, makes this narrow valley between two mountains, a small natural oasis, where people find the ideal atmosphere for a relaxing stay.

Holiday also means: history, culture and fun.

The holidays in the Valley Tennese not have seasons; Here with us it is always vacation time! In spring and summer relaxing hours of fishing, exciting mountain bike tours, walking in nature. While autumn is ideal to taste the pleasures of good food, dishes that are accompanied by excellent wines with aromas and delicate flavors. Autumn is the season of the triumph of colors: red, green and yellow make our landscape a beautiful palette. And what about the winter landscape: the mountains surrounding the valley snow white make the picturesque view of the valley and charming.

The house of artists of Giacomo Vittone

is located in the ancient medieval village of Canale, houses perched among the rocks, paths, faces and villages that allow tourists a short trip to the past.

Precisely in this village, where the years have stopped, you can admire and visit the HOUSE OF ARTISTS, in the years named "The Kingdom" because privileged place for many lovers of the arts. It 'a center of great cultural interest, now known abroad and born in the 60s from the idea of an amateur painter, Giacomo Vittone, who went up to the village of Riva bike to paint.

Among the countless alleys also home to the "TOOL AGRICULTURAL MUSEUM", testimony of the people and uses local farmers.

In summer the village is animated by a very characteristic manifestation: "RUSTIC MEDIEVAL"; a set of concerts, dances, theater and cuisine, all surrounded by people in medieval costume.

Through Calvola, another medieval village, you can comfortably reach the Rifugio San Pietro to 976 m. above sea level, located on the slopes of Mount Callino, from where you can admire the excellent view of the plain between Riva and Arco.

Among other attractions are Lake Tenno

a small mountain lake for bathing, the emerald green waters surrounded by green chestnut woods that extend to the slopes of Mount Misone.

The main center of the valley is Tenno, the doors of which lies the Tenno Castle, old manor decorated with lace and excellent vantage point on the "Busa". Adjacent to the castle there is the picturesque village of Fraporta with the CHURCH OF SAN LORENZO of the eleventh century.